man with a goal

just a guy that took a look at himself and wanted to change for the better. humble and hungry.

i did a horrible thing to a beautiful person. i’ll carry it with me forever.

things are really hapening for me right now, i’m so happy i’ve got a bit of direction and purpose, and i love the people i have around me :)

first day @ work chillin with momma 😊

first day @ work chillin with momma 😊

first day at new job tomorrow, bit nervous, but excited :3

missing someone on the other side of the world. been there for each other especially with some issues we’ve both been having as of late but so so grateful to have her in my life she means the world to me

need to go bike shopping!

need to go bike shopping!

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure

—Bill Cosby (via mvsthatemoney)

today: - got payed 👌
- 2km run with 5x 100m sprint intervals (almost stopped on fifth lap but then saw this girl i have a crush on from a distance so ran faster)
- circuit drill 1: 2x 30sec situps, 2x 30sec knuckle pushup, 30sec v-bridge, 30sec judo pushup
- circuit drill 2: 2x bear crawl forward 10m, 2x reverse bear crawl 10m, crab walk 10m, leap frog 10m

feel good right now